On the Road to Recovery DVD

America is in the worst public social health crisis in its history. More people die in America from a drug overdose than a car accident, than gun homicides, than any other cause of preventable death. It is rising faster than ever and the problem will get much worse. Those are the facts. It’s horrible news. But it’s not the entire story. There is hope. There are people beating their addiction.

Recovery in America has become a movement. One in 10 U.S. adults was at one time in recovery from drug or alcohol problems. There are as many as 23.5 million adults in the U.S. who have at one time had issues with their alcohol consumption or drug use. The population of people overcoming their addictions and living healthy, productive lives again is larger than ever, and the stories are inspiring.

Travelling the country over the past 5 years documenting the Addiction pandemic for my first three films, Kids Are Dying, An American Epidemic and MarijuanaX, I found the horrors I thought I would find. I met thousands of families that were struggling with the ripple effect of addiction. What I did not expect to find was what actually carried me through the journey – RECOVERY!

The stories were as diverse as the people. The hope and inspiration was beautiful and it literally kept me going. I started making videos of the stories people told me, and over the past few years, have tried to share them. I founded a Recovery Army to create a movement of these stories and now I put them together to tell the bigger story – The Story of Recovery in America. These are uplifting and awesome stories that should be shared with any family that has dealt with addiction, and anyone seeking that path, that Road to Recovery.

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