An American Epidemic



Heroin and Opiate prescription pain medications are killing people at record levels, especially our youth. The problem plagues our entire country … our kids are dying.


Winner 2015 Silver Lei Away HONOLULU Internation Film Festival
Reel Recovery Film Festivak 2015 Official Selection

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An American Epidemic Official Trailer

Get the film for a tax deductible donation. Prevention, treatment, and response strategies that help reduce both heroin and opioid pain reliever overdose deaths are desperately needed.




Overdose from both heroin and opiod pain relievers quadrupled during 1999-2010.

Heroin overdose deaths increased by nearly 50%.

Heroin overdose death rates increased for both sexes, all age groups, and all but one racial / ethnic group.


Help Save LIVES

Help us reach our youth and save more lives.

You can purchase institutional rights to use this educational film in your prevention, treatment, or recovery program, high school, hospital, university, detention center, faith-based group and other training programs.


…whether it’s a screening at a University, Church, Treatment Center, Recovery Community Center – or even your home – we offer the Public Performance Rights you’ll need. If you have any questions please contact us below and we will answer your questions to help guide you for the screening event.

Helpful information - Showing An American Epidemic in your community

Whether you’re hosting a Community Screening or Theatrical Screening, the following information is a guide to hosting a great event!

  1. The more people the better! Don’t stop promoting until just hours before your screening. Most people decide to attend a movie at the last minute, so don’t get discouraged if your tickets sold or reservation numbers don’t spike until just days before the event.
  2. Collaboration is key! Filling a big theater or public event at a center or school is not easy; it takes a lot of partners, friends, and sponsors. Make sure you involve all sectors of your community and do this early and often.
  3. Make it an event, not just a screening! We strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to convene your community as a call to action. This is more than awareness, this should change the conversation. Gather the leaders of your community sectors and get everyone involved. Decide who will be involved. Decide about a panel discussion and a Q & A after the film.
  4. Visit the venue and meet with the theater or building manager for a walk-through ahead of time.

Here are the things to be ready to talk to them about:

  • Ask about the availability of tables to set up for registration and to display literature before and after your screening. Invite vendors.
  • For pre and post film remarks request a microphone, podium and chairs.
  • For post-film discussions, request that the house lights be turned back on so that the audience gets prepared for the all-important discussion instead of getting up and leaving. You can allow the credits to play out in the background as you begin the discussion.
  • Ask them if you can start the film 10 minutes later than the programmed time. People are always late!
  • Make sure to ask about film signage and marque placement to steer your attendees to the right theater upon arrival.
  • Discuss day of ticketing logistics. If you’re doing a community screening and are selling tickets at the door, be prepared with change, receipts and if possible, a way to accept credit cards for ticket sales.
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with greeting people, signing up people and coordinating your event.

Hosting a community event with a Church or group such as a 12-Step fellowship or Coalition should be part of an overall action plan on fighting this epidemic. The viewing rights are for an event.

Group viewing rights such as to be shown regularly or occasionally is covered under this event fee. By purchasing the public viewing rights here, the purchaser has the right to show this film multiple times to groups that meet regularly.

To host an event contact us at:
Phone 856-691-6676 or 609-774-6501



Use PayPal to purchase the viewing rights for a screening event. The certificate for rights will be e-mailed to you.

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INTERVIEW: Looking to make a Difference Mike Deleon Producer of American Epidemic